$200.00 - $1,000.00

Tattooing Gift Certificate Special

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Thank you so much to everyone that bought a special gift certificate during the last few weeks. You’ve amazingly helped to keep my head above water in these crazy times. I’m going to suspend this special for now, due to an overwheming and amazing response. But keep an eye out if this rolls on and I need to bring it back. Thank you all so much.

Due to the Coronavirus upsetting lives and work schedules of millions in a completely unprecedented event, I’ve found myself unable to tattoo (my principal source of income) for at the very minimum just over a month. With that loss of income I’ve decided to offer an additional hundred dollar credit for every $200 spent.

Thank you for your support during this crazy time, and thank you for getting tattooed by me.

I’m not planning to send physical certificates out. I’ll keep track if anyone that purchases. If you need further proof other than each of our receipts, I can send a hard copy on request.