who is dj?


who is dj?

Nestled in the frozen tundra and the long winter months paired with the beautiful cultural amazing that is Chicago;  sits a shop called the Burnt Tiger.  Started as DJ’s private studio in 2012 the tiger has come a long way in all of those years.  Now co-owned with Al Bro, world renowned maker of electrical devices, old friend, and golfer that can always somehow manage to get a 40 yard chip shot 6 inches from the cup every time; the burnt tiger is in great hands with an exceptional staff of kind, caring, talented artists.  .. with that care in 2017 DJ decided to step away full time from the tiger and venture west. 

Since then DJ has called Portland Oregon home.  Originally landing with the amazing crew at Optic Nerve Arts, he has been tightening up his skills and continuing learning alongside some of Portland’s finest artists. After two years a hard decision was made to move on to the next venture.  Starting SILENT EARTH STUDIOS in 2019, DJ now takes clients and paints in his private studio in the north east side of the rose city. 

Owner, artist, painter, lunch haver, weirdo, potty mouth, fun seeker, smart guy, and life connoisseur. 

blessed to do what I do, I'm grateful for everyone that comes along for the ride. Please don't hesitate to contact or call if any need be, or follow me:

instagram: djauld

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DJ Auld

Silent Earth Studios

Portland OR 97212

(503) 281-6432

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